The Jules Destrooper Biscuits Museum

On our last trip to the North Sea, the weather wasn't great :(

 So we took the opportunity to visit some museums and take in a bit of history: the 14-18 War with the Boyau de la Mort in Dixmude... and plenty of tasty treats: the Bakery Museum in Veurne and ..... The Jules Destrooper Tourist Centre in Lo.

Do you know about Jules Destrooper?

Do you know about their biscuits? The galette, almond bread and speculoos?

They now have their own museum in Flanders. It's a great place to discover their history and how they're made. 

Moulds and other biscuit shapes are on display, as are the ingredients (local, especially the butter comes from local farms, the chocolate is Belgian, etc.) used to make them, the history of the Destrooper family (and their postcard business during the war), etc.

The museum is educational and interactive, and you can even see part of the production line. 

The culinary workshops with the biscuits revisited in sweet and savoury versions are also very nice ;)

A big hit ❤ with young and old alike!

We had a great time (allow a good hour for the visit), the scenography is very nice, combining old objects and modern technologies.

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