In France, forests cover more than a quarter of the country

Every year, the area covered by forests in France increases by more than 25,000 hectares. There are almost 140 different varieties of tree in French forests. The wood consumed by the paper industry represents only 10% of the annual production of French forests.

Clairefontaine is integrating ecology into its corporate strategy.

All paper pulp comes from forests certified for their environmental management (FSC, PEFC). They are made from thinned wood or sawmill off-cuts.

"After a period of decline, the surface area of French forests is now increasing. It represented 6.3 million hectares in 1825; today it represents 15 million hectares. Every year, the French forest grows by 25,000 to 30,000 hectares. - (Source Copacel)

Clairefontaine is very attached to the French forest and plays an active role in its development and renewal. The group owns and maintains several hundred hectares of fir and spruce trees in the Vosges. It is experimenting with the most environmentally-friendly management methods possible in these wooded areas.

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